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Chromotherapy (colour therapy), is a method of treatment which uses the visible spectrum (colours) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases), whereas Aura-Soma (a type of colour therapy) is a system of divination based on colour.  It is a relatively modern method, having been created as recently as 1983 by Vicky Wall (1918 - 1991), a British chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist.  It is a natural healing method using ‘Equilibrium bottles’ and the vibrational powers of colour, crystals, and natural aromas combined with light in order to harmonise body, mind, and spirit.

Vicky Wall was a healer and herbalist who dedicated her life to spiritual research and the treatment of illnesses using plants.

In the early 1980s, she became completely blind, but like her father before her, she was endowed with 'second sight'; in other words, she could see the aura that surrounds all human beings, plants and animals.  Her father belonged to the deeply religious Hebraic group known as Hassidim, and was very interested in the mystical aspects of the Bible.  He was a Master of Kabbalah and Zohar, traditions from which he inherited knowledge of the medicinal and therapeutic uses of herbs and other plants.

After gaining her second sight, she began to ‘feel’ a voice inside her, inviting her to create these magical Equilibrium bottles which divide the watery from the oily essence of various plants.  Vicky used to say that 'antique memories' came back to life as the colours of the bottles took shape in her mind.

Found in the English village of Tetford, Lincolnshire (south of Louth), the Aura Soma Academy is situated in Dev Aura, a beautiful country rectory that has been lovingly restored to provide the perfect setting for those that seek conscious growth through colour.  Located at this energetically charged landmark, the Aura Soma Academy also offers all sequential levels of the certified Aura Soma Practitioner and Teacher courses.  Through an extensive global network of registered teachers, the Academy also trains and guides colour Practitioners within the Aura Soma Colour system.  For those able to do so, Dev Aura is a definite must place to visit on your colour journey.

How do Colours Heal?

In alternative healing, imbalances are understood to have been caused by the way we respond to emotions -- with thoughts and decisions that have altered our deepest essence.  When we use colours through the Equilibrium bottles, we synchronise their wavelengths to the ones of the body's electromagnetic field, thus harmonising those imbalances.

Unlike most therapies, in which the healing substance is chosen by the therapist, Aura-Soma is totally and almost uniquely non-intrusive.  This is because it is the person seeking the healing who chooses his or her own colours.  It is important for those of us seeking healing to choose our own colours, for it strengthens our bond to the Great Healer we carry inside ourselves.  When we can stop the chattering of the conscious mind and go into the ‘Silence’, this inner healer, our Higher Self, knows the right thing for us, and chooses accordingly.

Colour therapy helps to balance our bodies, our emotions, and our minds, and helps us on our spiritual journey.  Everything in this universe is related and colour is a wonderful way to understand this relationship.  In colour therapy, colour is used to balance the energy wherever it is lacking in our bodies, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.  Our attraction for certain colours may very well signal areas of our potential or those where we are unbalanced.

When a client selects a particular colour, it will immediately provide accurate information about their potential and/or actual challenge.  This technique works very well for children, because it is very difficult to obtain verbal information from them, and colour helps us to know what to ask or where to begin.  In fact, this technique is about self-knowledge.  Since the therapist does not interfere with the colour selection, the client takes responsibility and is certain about his selection.

How Aura-Soma Works

This holistic therapy is strictly connected to the concept of colour, which has therapeutic uses going back to ancient times.  Every colour is a wavelength of light whose specific energetic quality can influence the whole range of human emotions through the chakras.  Today, the majority amongst us recognise that the chakras -- whorls of energy that rotate in our etheric body -- are made of a number of colours, but that one colour dominates in each chakra.  Aura-Soma means ‘etheric body-physical body’.  The etheric body, or aura, is an electromagnetic field that clairvoyants see as coloured rays emanating from the spine.

Colour is a unifying universal language which relates to other theologies and schools of psychology, and is part of the underlying order of the universe.  Colour, therefore, is a means by which connections can be made, things of the same colour resonating together, each colour relating to a different aspect of life.  Practitioners of Aura-Soma attach great spiritual significance and psychological connotations to colour combinations chosen by an individual, regarding those choices as being able to help to identify the answer to what lies behind that person's dis-ease.   In systems such as the Chakras colour, is related to different parts of the body and their underlying physical organs, glands, etc.  Each of these physical attributes is related to emotional, mental and spiritual states.

In Aura-Soma therapy, the visible light spectrum has been placed over the human body.  Each colour of the rainbow spectrum (ROYGBIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) has been placed in a specific area of the body.

The colour red, which has the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency, relates to the basic functions of our body: sexual, survival issues, vitality and energy, and has a warming effect.

Violet, which has the shortest wavelength of all and the fastest frequency, is a refreshing and soothing colour.  It is placed in our crown area where the most complex functions of our body take place (thinking, perception, spiritual opening, etc.).

The other colours are placed in the rest of our body as follows:

  • Orange - Stomach
  • Yellow - Solar Plexus
  • Green - Heart
  • Blue - Throat
  • Indigo - Third eye
As we saw above, colours are simply wavelengths of light.  But we should also be aware that we are actually made of light ourselves.  As such, our own true vibration is mirrored in various frequencies of colour, so when we choose colours from among the Equilibrium bottles, we do so because those particular colours 'speak' to us, and we are seeking to understand what it is they are trying to tell us.

By bringing into our etheric body the colours we have chosen from the Equilibrium bottles, we are re-establishing the aura to its natural rainbow, bringing balance to it and to the even-more-refined bodies that make up the totality of our light bodies.  Therefore, the Equilibrium colours are simply bringing us into the light of our own ‘true colours’.'

Aura-Soma Colours

The colours used in Aura-Soma, as in any colour system, all stem from those of the rainbow and are described in various ways below:

Rainbow Colour Intermediate Colour Meaning
Red The material side of life, energy, grounding, survival issues
Coral Unrequited love
Orange Independence/dependency.  Shock. Trauma. Deep insight and bliss
Gold Wisdom and intense fear
Yellow Acquired knowledge
Olive Creating a space for clarity and wisdom
Green Space.  Search for truth. Panoramic consciousness
Turquoise Mass media/group communication.  Creative communication (art)
Royal Blue Knowing why you are here
Violet Spirituality.  Healing.  Serving others
Magenta Love for the little things in daily life
Pink/td> Unconditional love.  Caring
White (clear) Suffering and its understanding

Colour Combinations

All colour combinations are represented by two-tone bottles, for example, red over blue, green over yellow.  The bottles are made from two colours of organic oil and water, mostly of different colours (although they can be of the same colour), each of which represents a series of symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical concepts. Each bottle is numbered from 0 to 105 (more are being added on a regular basis), and each has a name and an associated series of figures.  Four coloured bottles are chosen by the client.  A qualified practitioner then interprets the meaning of their selection, the order in which they were chosen being of prime importance:

Four coloured bottles are chosen by the client.  A qualified practitioner then interprets the meaning of their selection, the order in which they were chosen being of prime importance.

  • Bottle 1 represents the self, i.e. the client.
  • Bottle 2 represents the client’s hidden talents as well as their obstacles.
  • Bottle 3 represents the client’s energy (as it is now).
  • Bottle 4 represents the future the client is trying to create for himself/herself.
Aura-Soma is a constantly developing system, new bottles and methods being added ad-hoc.  There is an Aura-Soma Code of Practice regulated by the Art & Science International Academy of Colour Therapeutics (ASIACT).  ASIACT maintains a register of practitioners and issues certificates to those who work according to this code.  The bottle system is governed by a central company, and the term Aura-Soma is a registered trademark of that company.

There are far too many colour combinations to list on this site, but each of these combinations, along with its own distinctive meaning, can be found by visiting Aura-Soma's website, which can be reached by clicking HERE.

The Complete Colour System

This chart is correct at the time of writing.

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