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What is Aura-Soma?

Aura-Soma is a method of chromotherapy (colour therapy) and is a system of divination based on colour.  It is a relatively modern method, having been created as recently as 1983 by Vicky Wall (1918-1991), a British chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist.  Although clinically blind, Vicky Wall claimed she could see auras around people, plants and animals.  She developed what is known as the 'coloured bottle system' (described below), asserting that the selection of colours by the client could reveal the challenges and opportunities he/she could expect.

The central idea of Aura-Soma is that colour is a unifying universal language which relates to other theologies and schools of psychology, and is part of the underlying order of the universe.  The suggestion of Aura-Soma is that colour is a means by which connections can be made, things of the same colour resonating together, each colour relating to a different aspect of life.

Practitioners of Aura-Soma attach great spiritual significance and psychological connotations to colour combinations chosen by an individual, regarding those choices as being able to help to identify the answer to what lies behind that person's dis-ease.  In systems such as the Chakras colour is related to different parts of the body and their underlying physical organs, glands, etc.  Each of these physical attributes is related to emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Colour Combinations

All colour combinations are represented by two-tone bottles, for example, red over magenta, yellow over violet.  The bottles are made from two colours of organic oil and water, mostly of different colours (although they can be of the same colour), each of which represents a series of symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical concepts.  Each bottle is numbered from 0 to 105 (more are being added on a regular basis), and each has a name and an associated series of figures.

Four coloured bottles are chosen by the client.  A qualified practitioner then interprets the meaning of their selection, the order in which they were chosen being of prime importance.

  • Bottle 1 represents the self, i.e. the client.
  • Bottle 2 represents the client’s hidden talents as well as their obstacles.
  • Bottle 3 represents the client’s energy (as it is now).
  • Bottle 4 represents the future the client is trying to create for himself/herself.
Aura-Soma is a constantly developing system, new bottles and methods being added ad-hoc.  There is an Aura-Soma Code of Practice regulated by the Art & Science International Academy of Colour Therapeutics (ASIACT).  ASIACT maintains a register of practitioners and issues certificates to those who work according to this code.  The bottle system is governed by a central company, and the term Aura-Soma is a registered trademark of that company.

There are far too many colour combinations to list on this site, but each of these combinations, along with its own distinctive meaning, can be found by visiting Aura-Soma's website, which can be reached by clicking HERE.

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